Small Business Organising

  • Spending too much time “in” the business rather than “on” the business?
  • Creativity “squashed” by the clutter around you and in your mind?
  • Missing important commitments and deadlines?
  • Wasting time searching for important documents or emails you have “somewhere”?

Let’s bring your passion back to your business!

You went into business to do what you love, not to get bogged down in paperwork and emails.

We can work together to declutter and organise your TIME and WORKFLOWS, so you can do more of what you love doing and grow your business.

Spend your time making money, not on “administrivia”.

We can also declutter and organise your SPACES and SYSTEMS – this includes

  • paper – files, documents, journals
  • emails and electronic documents
  • processes for better workflow
  • your business equipment and inventory

I bring the depth and breadth of my life and business experience, skills and knowledge to my work with every client. Having my own small business for the past 16 years, I understand the demands.

How does it work?

Generally I work at an hourly rate, and experience shows that most initial engagements require a minimum of 3 hours to get a good result.

We will discuss this after the initial assessment conversation and customise to suit your situation.

If we assess that it will take longer, you can purchase“Bonus Packages” upfront to get a discount – We can work out the way the hours divided up.

Book and pay for 6 hours and an extra hour.

Book and pay for 12 hours and get an extra 2 hours.

Contact me now

0419 517 893
[email protected]